Professional Nails Care


Tips are glued on the end of your natural nails making them look longer (length of your choice). Then acrylic nails are made by mixing a high quality acrylic power with liquid, they are placed over the top of your nails properly to make them look thin natural.

Our Services


CND Shellac is for people who want to maintain natural nails. The formulation looks good from day 1 to 14, but does not appear to damage nail beds. The product in thin and strong enough to be applied similarly to nail polish, but it is cured in a way that gives it great flexibility and durability.It also has the incredible shine associated only with gel nails.


Gel nails are for those people who are sensitive to acrylic powder and don't wish to colour or polish their nails. Gel nails give customers a natural 

A manicure treatment is not only a treatment for natural nails but also for the hands. A manicure consists of filing, shaping of the nail, cuticle treatment

A pedicure is a way to improve appearance of the feel and nails. It provides a similar service to manicure. Additionally, our SPA Pedicure is the ultimate in full body relaxation. Your feet are soaked in a whirlpool while you recline in a massage chair which massages your entire body. Leg care below the knee has become a common and now expected service which includes removal of dead skin cells on the bottom of feet, exfoliation, leg massage with moisturising cream and application on nail polish.